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May 2010

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TechEd 2010

Philip  Lieberman, President & CEO
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We are coming up on our 12th year exhibiting at Microsoft TechEd. For those that are not familiar with our background, I thought you might find it interesting to learn a little about our history working with Microsoft and this event.

Things Change, But Stay the Same

Going back in time, when we headed out for our first TechEd in 1998 we were proudly displaying our IBM LAN Server to Windows NT migration tool as well as our password synchronization tools. These tools were a big hit with IBM shops since they could migrate their whole enterprise to Microsoft Windows in just a weekend (big bang migration).

At this same first TechEd show in 1998, we were also showing off our line of Windows systems management tools to mass manage services (application accounts) and privileged identities (local accounts). These tools were the outgrowth of our IBM customers migrating to Windows NT and finding that they needed automation to manage the security of the newly minted Windows NT workstations.

TechEd 2010 – 12 Years and Going Strong

Fast forward 12 years and we have upgraded these same management tools (plus added more IT security management tools) and certified them for use by the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, Server 2008R2 as well as Hyper-V technology.

As many say, life is a circle. In 1994 we were an IBM shop selling IBM OS/2 and LAN Server security management tools. With the de-emphasis of OS/2 in 1997, we became a Microsoft/IBM shop (to help our customers migrate to Windows), and in 2000 we were almost exclusively a Microsoft shop (all of the OS/2 systems were converted). 

Today in 2010, we no longer support IBM OS/2, but we are back to being a cross-platform shop fully supporting the management of security on operating systems, databases, and applications on Microsoft Windows, all flavors of Linux/UNIX, Sun, Oracle, IBM, HP, Novell, and just about every other operating system and application platform out there (including hardware devices). 

The product line (we have 10 different products) we are showing at TechEd this year represents the growth of our company and the industry into a heterogeneous environment where everything can talk to everything else, and where enterprises must deal with ever larger and complex environments.

Are We a Microsoft Shop?

The types of systems a company uses sometimes affects the vendors they want to work with. The choice of vendors becomes an issue of whether the vendor has the right expertise to understand and work well in their environment. This sometimes comes down to asking questions such as are you a Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Sun, HP, Linux or VMware shop. The answer to what type of shop we run and support is: “yes to all of the above”.

Are We a Management Tools Company or an Enterprise Software Company?
As a company we are well known for the development of powerful and easy to use security and systems management tools used by IT administrators.  If you want to report on and manage the security of 10,000 systems in a few minutes (think users, groups, shares, registry, etc) without having to write scripts, we have the solution that every IT administrator needs. Developing these types of very sharp and powerful tools is how we gained our reputation as an ISV in 1994.

We still develop, sell and support these tools and have a large fan base of both large and small enterprises that use our User Manager Pro Suite and Service Account Manager products to report on and secure their environments. This last year we have even received a patent on the technology used in User Manager Pro Suite. You can learn more about our IT tools at

As we and our customers matured in the security and management space over the last 10 years, we realized there was the need to go beyond tools and develop enterprise solutions that scaled up past 100,000 systems, supported extensive integrations with other management technologies, and automated security management to the greatest degree possible by the development of new technologies to reduce the workload of IT with auto-discovery and auto-correlation technologies.

So, we are really two different companies. One company provides powerful security management tools for the IT department to accomplish their mission. We also develop and sell enterprise quality privileged identity management solutions that are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding CSO/CISO, auditors, and government regulators.

See Us at TechEd 2010

If you are in New Orleans during the week of June 7-11th, stop by booth #1110 and let us show you not only our enterprise solutions for privileged identity management, but also how your IT staff can get the upper hand on both server and workstation security configuration management using our Windows systems management tools. If you are a current user of our tools or enterprise products, stop by and let us show you what is new… we also have new cool features and capabilities to show off (that is why we come to TechEd).

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Tech Tip of the Month

Application-to-Application Password Security

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) was the first privileged identity management solution capable of auto discovering, tracking, changing and allowing the secure recovery of privileged account passwords in the cross-platform enterprise.

But did you know that it’s also the first privileged identity management solution that could secure application-to-application passwords? Find out how here.

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Customer Snapshot: Large Federal Credit Union

The credit union was founded in the 1930’s and has branches located throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico with approximately 218,000 members.

The Situation: To pass frequent financial and regulatory compliance audits, the credit union needed a privileged identity management solution that could locate and update all privileged account passwords and also manage service accounts.

The Solution: Enterprise Random Password Manager was deployed to the credit union’s cross-platform enterprise.

The Result:
The credit union has full control over its service account passwords and remains in compliance with its audits.

Click here to read the detailed case study.

    Product Updates / Launches / Podcasts
    • NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) Release 4.82 has been announced and is currently available. This is a major release of our enterprise Privileged Identity Management solution. New features include:
      • System Set Delegations: you can now define that a user should be able to recover passwords for one set of systems but have to request passwords for another. 
      • More Event Sink Integrations: Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) and ArcSight integrations, and better support for Microsoft Biztalk and industry standard syslogging processes.
      • Vastly improved support for non-Windows platforms.
      • Fore a detailed list of updates, please visit our ERPM Revision History page.
    • Task Scheduler Pro now supports all major platforms in the Windows enterprise including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. With this security management tool IT administrators can schedule and modify tasks for all Windows servers and workstations in the network simultaneously, rather than manually managing tasks on one machine at a time. Click here for more information.

    Events / Press / Analysts
    • Join us at Microsoft TechEd 2010 in New Orleans, June 7-10. As a Silver Sponsor, we will be in Booth 1110.
    • Lieberman Software Praise, Barney's Blog - "... We have been running RPM in our environment now for over two years and have nothing but good things to say about it. We leverage RPM to randomize all of our Managed Desktops and Production server local administrator passwords. This is to remain inline with our internal password compliance standards. We are managing roughly 2500 clients with very minimal system overhead. The server runs in our VMware ESX environment with the database residing in our production SQL cluster. All in all the system takes up very little resources because it is agent-less and accesses machines via the RPC shares in windows. We have a heterogeneous environment and since RPM looks at the RID IDs of the accounts, users can rename the local administrator account to whatever they feel like.  However, RPM will still find the account and change the password when the job runs -- a very nice feature. The other great part of RPM is it's not tied down to one specific OS. We manage all of our Windows (XP, Vista, 7) machines as well as our managed Apple (10.5, 10.6) computers with the same system and service account. A very unique feature in today's marketplace." For more, read the full article.
        • Accountability and Transparency: Keys to Security in the Cloud. Virtual Strategy Magazine. "How can we trust in the cloud if the vendors of cloud-based infrastructures neglect to implement both the process and technology to assure that segregation of duties are enforced, and customer and vendor identities are secured?"
        • Revealing the 'cracks' in provisioning. Network World Security Identity Management Alert. "Organizations have to ask themselves the question, 'Where do we have accounts? Tell me all of the places where we have accounts, and tell me all the things they use these accounts for.'"
        • Goldman Sachs Sued For Illegal Database Access. DarkReading. "Sharing a bucket of KFC chicken with a friend is OK. Sharing the secret formula for KFC chicken with a friend who then goes out and makes money from the information is not OK."

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